Автоматика и контрольные панели

From a single automatic changeover panel to multiple generators synchronizing panel, we offer a wide comprehensive range of durable and economical control panels.


Automatic Transfer Switches

Automatic transfer switches are an integral part of the power generation process, allowing smooth and immediate transfer of electrical current between multiple sources and the load. When the generator is in operation the transfer switch prevents dangerous feedback of current to the utility system. It also ensures that different power sources are fully synchronized. 
P.I offers Automatic Switches designed to be simple and easy  to monitor, operate and maintain.

Our team of qualified engineers and experienced technicians can design,
build and install a broad spectrum of control panels including:

  • Synchronizing panel
  • Power distribution panels
  • Generator control panels
  • Automatic transfer panels
  • Power factor correction panels
  • Remote monitoring and control panels


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